“”Age is just a number””

“Age is no barrier. It is a limitation that we ourselves put on our minds…”
‘Jackie Joyner -Kerse’

What do you mean by age?
Most of the people answered: ‘It is that time of life at which one attains full personal rights and capacities’.

To bind ourselves to this meaning is our past. With time the meaning of ‘AGE’ has also changed. If you ask me, Age means
E-easy on the eye
A person who is amiable , has a feeling of happiness and is easy on the eye defines ‘Age’. No matter what age it is. Since childhood we have been surrounded by a myth that you can’t do this you’re too old for this, you can’t do that because you’re too young for that. Why is it a compulsion for people above the age of 50 to wear ethnic clothes ,why can’t people above 50 have fun and thrill in their lives? Why can’t they wear their own choice of clothes? Why can’t they do things that amuse them?
In nut shell, according to the society wishes start coming to an end with time…
Many people think about how to live after 50, how to spend the rest of the days peacefully? They fear alot because of one thing and that one thing is “What will people say”….

I totally disagree with that. God has given us only one life. We won’t get another life to enjoy. Bollywood industry is full of dazzle. This doesn’t mean that only youngsters can get a chance. ‘Boman Irani’ is a well-known name and he started his career at the age of 41, noone stopped him.

“Justin hall” The pioneer blogger didn’t start in his twenties. I am sure the list goes on. What i wish to convey is –
We are not obedient to start anything new because the work that brings happiness is good. No age limit. We live more if we are happy.
The right age to live comes after 40 because before that we are stuck with responsibilities. So ,

“Live your life king size”

Do what your heart wants without caring about anyone or their opinions.

Wear whatever you like, read and write without worrying about age because

” Age is just a number”

When someone says that you are old say “No I am skilled”.

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