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Suffocation is not only in the environment . It is deep down . We can control the environmental suffocation sooner or later but mental suffocation in other words mental stress can’t be healed easily . Everybody across the world of all the age groups are stressed . Stress levels might differ but it makes our mind enfeeble . This is proved to be the root cause of grief and uneasiness .

Emotional suffocation is also prevailing now a days . Psychotherapist and relationship expert ,

‘ REBECCA OGLE ‘ once stated ,

“An emotionally suffocating relationship is one in which one or both people do not feel that they have freedom to be their authentic selves. “

Every bond between relations are shattered just because of our ego . Everybody wants to be on a upper hand to prove that he is supercilious . This leads to utmost suffocation and loneliness .

God created humans to serve mankind and brotherhood but most of us made our life hell by being egocentric . To recieve triumph we are keeping humanity on stake . This cut throat competition is making us drown in the ocean of darkness . We have suffocated ourselves to be the best . Why we want to prove to be the winners ? There is nothing to lose or win in the world except our life .

Did you ever think that a foetus in mother’s womb grow to a baby without suffocating himself . A baby can survive in a tiny womb for nine months only with mother’s love and care . He gets oxygen through umbilical cord but still he grow .

It proves that we only need love and care to live in this earthy world . We have created all such suffocations ourselves . If we want to get rid of these we also need an ‘ Umbilical Cord Of God ‘ and that is love and kindness . It is the only key to attain eternal happiness and It would make world a better place to live in .

‘ HENRY JAMES ‘once said ,

Three things in human life are important ;
The first is to be kind , the second is to be kind and the third is to be kind “

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