” Independent Women “

Today we Indian ladies are celebrating womenhood in form of Karwachauth and no other day would be more appropriate to give my opinion on the topic “Independent Women “.

Women these days are progressing and trying to build a world that is soothing for their soul.
They are excelling in almost every sector.
They have grown to be more confident than they ever could be before. They know how to achieve their targets despite of endless trolling and judgements. People crib of not trusting women anymore because of their non-traditional behaviour and attitude but being independent doesn’t mean that she has left her values and traditions behind .A woman can balance tradition and modernization efficiently .

” Did anyone thought why is this happening ? “

Since ages , the society has finalised few norms which everyone used to follow . The major was that men will work outside to earn whereas women were accustomed to do the household chores only . Slowly women learnt that they are not treated equal to men . Being educated made them realised the importance of their own self in their eyes . All the rights were in favour of a man and all the decisions of house were made by them giving least importance to what a woman wants for herself and her family .

Oprah Winfrey once stated ,

” When you undervalue what you do , the world will undervalue whom you are .”

For eons women didn’t value themselves so the world treated them like a useless doormat . Now as she has learnt her own value she decided to step out of the house to earn respect for themselves by working in the cut throat competitive world . Society forced women to take such bold steps . Being a homemaker is a thankless job which nobody appreciate . The woman were succumbed when they retaliate . The endless pressures of society made them independent . As they say ,

” To earn respect you should earn money .”

Women have found the right way of proving themselves by showing the world that they are multitaskers . They shine in both the places of work whether it’s office or home . Today’s women won’t take the crap easily . They are sufficient to give it back in their own way . They are as soft as snow and at the same time they are as hard as a rock .If you’ll respect them they will melt and if you mess with them they will show you your place . This so called society has been the major factor in the women’s transformation so why they question now ? The humiliation and insecurity faced made women think to be independent .

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A homemaker exploring herself!!

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