” LUDO “

Ludo happened to be
an amazing game in lockdown ,
All over the games
It wore the winning crown .
Young generation thought
That it’s their cup of tea ,
But they don’t know
It is everybody’s childhood memory .
It was designed in India
In 6th century ,
But then the name was Pachisi .
People of each peer group
Revel to play it ,
And it helped
to strengthen the family knit .
All you needed was a number of four
And a same place to play ,
But you can now play with distant people
As now the technology has paved it’s way .
If you have the passion for it
You can even win in cash ,
Online Ludo is more popular
And found its panache .
You can understand
its current position ,
As Bollywood and Anurag basu
is all set for its world wide emission .
An Indian invention
has marked such recognition ,
That the whole world
is having its ADDICTION .

Published by Beingcreative

A homemaker exploring herself!!

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